Gina Giacomini


Author, Intuitive, and Motivational Speaker.


Gina is a stress and pain release practitioner who has been teaching awareness courses for the past twenty years. With a background in education and outdoor adventure training, Gina shares coping and survival skills for today's fast-paced world. Her books include: New Release: Go with the Flow: Stress & Pain Release Guide, Bringing Intuition to Work, and Intuition: The Key to Divination.

Go with the Flow - Stress & Pain Release Guide

Survival Skills for a Fast-Paced World


" Ingenious! A simple, free, self-help method to reduce stress and get out of pain. It doesn't get any better than that. "


- Dr. Matthew Shepherd



" Go with the Flow Stress & Pain Release Guide has many immediate useful tools to help anyone with stress and pain. Gina shares many insights that help us navigate the path of life with more joy and effectiveness. "


- Benjamin Ling, M.D.


"A 'medical intuitive,' Gina Giacomini uses her personal journey of discovery, curiousity and experience to understand the roots of physical distress. In plain language, she describes the conditions that foster, sustain, and alleviate pain and stress. Go with the Flow Stress & Pain Release Guide is a well-articulated book that integrates multiple perspectives of healing."


- Stephen Curtin, Ph. D.

Clinical Psychologist


The Key to Divination - Astrology, Dreams, Tarot, I Ching, Runes, Numerology. Year Published 2002



" Gina Giacomini has given readers a gift: a practical guide to enhance their inner wisdom. Intuition: The Key to Divination is truly a treasure. "


- Kay Lagerquist

Author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Numerology


"  I highly recommend this original book not only for excellent reading and information, but also for its valuable insights into these ancient ways of divining our world and beyond. "


- Maureen L. Belle

Author of Gaiamancy & Multicultural Feng Shui

Bringing Intution To Work

A Quick Step by Step Approach - Light Up the Workplace with a New Awareness. Year Published 2000.


"illuminates the power, benefit & truth of our intuitive nature."


- Martin Rutte

Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work


"I work with people who are affected by stress originating in the workplace. The practical yet sensitive approach found in Bringing Intuition to Work offers a powerful method for taking control of one's life both at work and home. Gina's step-by-step approach makes some very difficult and abstract concepts understandable to everyone and will benefit many people."


- Stanley Yantis



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